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My name is Steele S. l I'm an insurance and financial professional on the North Shore. I sold property and casualty insurance for five years before moving to investment and estate planning and I'm sending this to let you know how great my experience has been with one of your agents.
Recently I bought a house and needed some home insurance. I was disgusted with my insurance agent's response time in getting me quotes and with answering my questions and the general lack of service. I decided to do a couple of online quotes and as any agent would expect my cell phone began to ring incessantly with agent's trying to quote me auto insurance. At the same time I am trying to deal with my lawyer, my mortgage broker, and my wife who is pregnant!

Mike was the only agent who took the time to actually email me quotes without harassing me on the phone. When I emailed him back he answered all my questions, sent me multiple quotes with a turnaround time sometimes as small as 5 min.! Due to my experience with Mike I have decided to move my auto insurance to State Fund as well. He has been a consummate professional and made the process of shopping for insurance much easier on me. I hope you realize what a value he is to your organization. I look forward to being a State Fund customer for years to come.

Gloucester, MA
As my agent, I just wanted to drop you a quick line on something:

Recently, I had been in the market for a new car. You, along with Mariah, began helping me out with quotes on insurance and general questions that I had about the overall process. Mariah quickly became a huge help along the way, providing me timely pricing on no less than a dozen vehicles over a 5 month process. Quite simply, I was blown away by the level of service I received from Mariah at that point. It was efficient, friendly, and most important to my sense of urgency (an impatience), quick!

On Thursday, August 11th, I agreed to a purchase with York Kia of Medford on a new Sorento. On Friday the 12th, at 1 PM, York Kia called to let me know that I needed insurance paperwork if I wanted to pick up the car that day. I immediately sent Mariah and e-mail and left her a voice message seeking her help. Mariah called me back within 10 minutes of me sending my e-mail, took the new vehicle's information, and told me not to worry, that everything would be all set and that she and her colleague (I didn't catch the other woman's name) would handle everything. When I got to the dealership that afternoon, I was pleased to find that all insurance documents were in order and my car was ready to go. Even the dealership had praise for your agency! They specifically remarked on the efficiency and level of service they received which I gathered from them is rare of other agents in general.

I drove away with my wife and kids in our brand new car with one less worry on my mind and I can't thank you and especially Mariah enough for all of your help during this transaction and over these past few months. I am copying a few people on this e-mail because I feel it is important that this level of service is credited properly. Once again, thank you and Mariah for your service and for making this major purchase as easy as I could possibly have imagined.

Best regards,
Jose N.
Not sure if all agents are as helpful and respond as promptly as mine. I have been a customer ever since I moved to MA. Excellent customer service.

EN, Welesley Hills, MA
Notably good service experience.

DD, Norwood, MA
Good Morning Laura, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all of your help with my obtaining and changes to an insurance binder for Mr. Stephen M.

Even after several calls for corrections, you maintained a sunny disposition and it was truly appreciated.

So many times I have to call back agents with changes on insurance binders as they switch lenders or are picky about punctuations etc. and I am met with an attitude of being a bother. You really did make my job easier and calling for an insurance binder a pleasant experience.

If I have the opportunity to recommend an insurance agent I would certain recommend your agency based on excellent customer service!

Thank you,
Lisa B.
Dear Mr. W.:
Your representative, Ms. Monica P., really helped me out of a frustrating situation, and I'd like to commend both her work and your company for the help I've received.

I had cancelled a condominium insurance policy with Commerce Insurance Company in 2006. Our billing for this policy was automatically deducted from a small checking account we opened for this purpose only. The account was inconsequential to any of our other banking needs, so we opted to not receiving printed statements, in an effort to reduce paper consumption. Therefore, we were unaware that not only did Commerce not cancel this policy, but they continued to deduct payment from this account for over a year! Ms. P. has the emailed correspondence outlining my difficulties with this matter.

Ms. P. called me and emailed me continuously to make sure that I was getting the answers that I needed regarding this matter and she took it upon herself to work with Commerce to ensure that I was properly refunded. She was extremely polite, professional, and prompt with her responses. I typically do not encounter representatives as helpful as Ms. P.; unfortunately, it has become too much of a rarity.

If making talented representatives like Ms. P. available to your customers is an indication of the service that can be expected from State Fund, you can be sure that I'll recommend your services to all of my associates.

You guys are the best. If everyone in the world was as proactive as you guys, the world would be a far more efficient/better place.

I met John through a client of mine who needed insurance, so she referred me over to him to get her insurance binder. In my line of work I deal with about a hundred insurance agents a year, but many tend to be hard to reach, work limited hours and provide poor and slow customer service. John was everything I have always wanted to find in an agent, incredibly responsive, enthusiastic, easy to reach and offered great products. Like for my clients, John shops around and quotes among many providers to make sure I get the best deal possible. I now refer all my clients over to John and have even moved my auto and home owner's insurance to him as well.

- Rob, Greenpark Mortgage Corporation
I thought changing my Massachusetts auto and home insurance would be time consuming and confusing--gratefully, I was wrong! John, my rep at State Fund, did a wonderful job comparing the rates of several companies and saved my husband and I about $500 off our auto insurance alone. He did all the work-even handling the actual conversion. My local agent just kept renewing the same old thing without considering potential savings. State Fund earned my confidence and my praise."

- Lynn, SPHR
Using the tool, I was recommended State Fund and got in touch with Tom Gallagher. I let Tom know this was my first time registering a car (anywhere!) and had ridden on my parent's policy for too long, and would need additional assistance knowing what documentation is required. My paperwork was mailed promptly, and my rate was much better than what was quoted by Progressive.com. It was not only cheaper, but provided better coverage.

I wouldn't usually review an insurance company, but State Fund is EXCELLENT. I have had car insurance through them for 6 years now and have had the various issues here and there with my policies and needing to get paperwork, etc. from them.

Without fail, they are very friendly, extremely fast and efficient, and generally just a pleasure to deal with - I never have to follow up to get things done, which is so refreshing in today's market!!

HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommended.

Thanks for all your help with this process. I will be recommending you to anyone I know looking for insurance. Its been a pleasure to do business with you.

Thanks again,

Excellent, Thanks! It is always a pleasure to work with you - you make it so easy!

Thanks, David. That sounds great. Scott says "hi" to Steve as well - he has always been so helpful to us. We were just fresh out of law school and were very impressed with Steve when he wrote up the original policy! We have indeed all come a long way. We really appreciate your help in shopping around the policy for better pricing.


Scott and Diana
Thank you so much for helping me out , this is great !!:) I think I might have more clients for you , :) some of my family & friends are very interested in saving some money on their Auto Policy & Home Owners Ins. too ....I will give them your Email address at State Fund Ins., maybe u can help them out too...:)"

Thanks again Maura:
Kindest Regards,
Pamela, MA
A few years ago I bought renter's insurance through State Fund. Having never purchased insurance on my own before I was a little nervous. Thankfully, with State Fund, I was very satisfied with the process. I received my quote from Laura M. I preferred to speak with someone in person about my policy before I signed and she happily arranged for me to visit the office and made sure I understood the policy I was purchasing. She answered all my questions and put me at ease. Over the last few years I've had questions about moving, etc. and every time I reached out she responded promptly, listened to me, and helped me to get what I needed. It was so comforting to have someone with Laura's level of professionalism and care when it comes to something as close to me as my property.

I am now moving to California where State Fund doesn't operate so I am sad to leave such a great company. But you know, when I return to MA Laura will be one of my first calls.

— Chris K.
I recently bought my very first home. The process from start to finish was terrible. We bought a 3 bedroom cape and if we need something larger.. I'm just adding on or kicking someone out. There is just no way I'm doing this again. When there finally appeared to be light at the end of the tunnel, I was told I needed to go find Home Owner's Insurance. I didn't know the first thing about obtaining Home Owner's Insurance. I don't have car insurance so I couldn't piggy back on that policy so I started asking around. I received three recommendations and called all three. The first two just didn't answer the phone. The third person I called was James McConville at State Fund Insurance. I think it was a sign that the first two didn't answer. James was an angel sent to me. He walked me through the entire process and made it extremely easy. He never once made me feel like I was asking stupid questions (I assure you that I was) and worked to get me every discount available. He even worked directly with my mortgage broker to get all the necessary information. My closing date was moved and I needed another binder pretty quickly. I called on a Friday and James happened to not be in the office. The receptionist was quick to find my binder and change it to the new dates. I was so pleased that she could help me so quickly. Obtaining insurance was absolutely the easiest part of buying my home and I have James and State Fund to thank for that.

— Kelly C.
When I officially moved here 10 (!!) years ago, getting auto isurance in Mass wasn't about shopping around for the best rate; there was one rate for you and maybe you'd get a discount through your office or auto club.

I called State Fund because....honestly, I don't remember. But I did. And I'm glad.situation, the discounts that were available at the time and the level of service each individual company would offer.

Not even a year later, I totaled my car in a horrific multi-car accident that was, at the time, my fault. (I hit black ice and had my ticket and surcharge waived.) Working with the insurance company Jack picked was an absolute breeze. I had a check four days later.

When I needed renter's insurance he helped me evaluate all the different companies again and we determined it was best for me just to add renter's insurance with the same company. We did it again 5 years later when I bought my first home.

Whenever I need to make a change or addition to my insurance portfolio, I do research online to see other rates. The landscape has changed here in the past few years and there are more companies writing policies at varied prices.

But while there's always something that costs less I've never seen a number that would offset the level of service and reliability I get here. All of my paperwork is always completed promptly and gets where it needs to go. His advice is sound and practical and he takes into account my current life situation when recommending coverages.

I live in the 'burbs now and his office is downtown, so I haven't seen him in 8 years. No matter: Whenever I e-mail or call him, Jack knows who I am.

This is the kind of service an online or discount company can't provide. It's worth every penny.

— J.J. B.
I hate insurance shopping, especially since Massachusetts deregulated the industry several years ago. Who has the best rates? Who has the time to look? Thank God I found State Fund. An independently owned agency located in Boston, they do all the leg work for you because they work with 20+ companies and can compare rates instantly for the best deals. James saved me $200 on my car insurance, and helped several of my co-workers save a minimum of $100 on their policies--both auto and homeowners. They also offer great renters rates too. Who doesn't want to save money? The quotes are free, so give James a call!

— Lynda M.
The service and professionalism I experienced from State Fund was outstanding. I especially would like to point out that James McConville went above and beyond to help me out, and took the time to explain how the policy worked. I highly recommend State Fund for any insurance needs. Please do ask for James though, as he really is good at what he does. Great service and Unbeatable quotes!

— Nuala G.
I wouldn't usually review an insurance company, but State Fund is EXCELLENT. I have had car insurance through them for 6 years now and have had the various issues here and there with my policies and needing to get paperwork, etc. from them.

Without fail, they are very friendly, extremely fast and efficient, and generally just a pleasure to deal with - I never have to follow up to get things done, which is so refreshing in today's market!! HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommended.

— Sarah J.
I can't say enough good things about State Fund. I moved from out of country three years ago and didn't have any idea how American auto insurance or renters insurance worked.

Their agents took the time to walk me through everything and found me the best rates for both auto and renters insurance.

When my auto insurance policy was about to lapse based on an oversight on my part they were quick to give me a call and let me know I needed to fix the issue.

I'd highly recommend them for your insurance needs!

— Brent M.